Monday, February 16, 2009

My feelin'

My feeling?? Unexplainable... Actually I don't know what's happen to me. Suddenly..a super-ultra-ultimate stone were about to hit me..directly. I know,there's many other people that suffer more than I do. But..AARRGGHHH!!!!!! What happen to me actually??!! Cultural shock?? maybe.. I got a program to handle..about the exam that comes instantly...simultaneously..WTF!!

See the pic above? Nice rite! Allah's creation.. An evening cloud that signify Maghrib is 0n the go. Taken at my lovely college with my lovely C702. So from there, I found the answer. It's all about to go back to our Creator.. We know that we are created,not exist all by own. In this world,we live..for who? Think of it..we'll get the answer.

Allah said on al-Quran,he did not give the problem to his slave(mankind) that they cannot handle. Means that if we have a problem,it is the one that we can handle. Don't worry.. Allah loves us.. So if you have a feeling just like me rite now,then don't panic. Allah is with us..always..

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